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" Your after-sales support is outstanding. We had our motor assessed and repaired and were "back in business' in no time. "
- John Duff, Site Manager, OSHO Mining

Our Services
Established 1939

TVE offers a wide range of electric machine related services. Principally a design and manufacturing company – in addition we offer consulting services, vibration analysis and load test facilities.

The company also runs a bi-annual electric motor diagnostics course in conjunction with the Vibration Institute of SA. Our engineers can assist in solving a wide range of common problems of both a mechanical and electrical nature and can advise on suitable testing and maintenance equipment.

New Motor Design

TVE has the latest in technical design and 3D modelling software as well as a Drawing office staffed with years of new motor design experience. On top of this we have consultants with years of experience in the industry. They know exactly what questions need to be asked and answered to ensure the motor you want is the motor we make. Being a specialist AC and DC motor manufacture we pride ourselves on being able to meet the unique demands of our customers in the shortest time possible, while still providing a high quality product in line with our ISO 9001 standards. As one of the leading motor manufactures in Sub Saharan Africa you can be assured that you are getting the best quality product for your money.

Certification & Credentials

TVE, Trans Vaal Electric (Pty) Ltd, carries the following certification and approvals:

TVE SABS Certificate

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TVE SABS ISO 9001 Certificate

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Quality Control
SABS 314 & ISO 9002 Approved

TVE is an ISO9001:2008 accredited AC and DC motor manufacturer, designer and repairer. This means that we have to abide by a high set of standards set by the SABS that ensures that all the services we offer are top quality. We are also SABS certified to manufacture and repair flameproof motors to the same high standard. All manufactures and repairs are tested thoroughly to ensure there are no faults TVE is also currently in the process of commissioning a brand new state of the art testing bay to even further improve the accuracy and reliability of our products. More than that though TVE is a family owned business that has always prided itself on offering high quality, durable products, where motor breakdowns and failures are considered personal failures, this even higher set of self standards will always ensure that TVE delivers quality products.

Repair & servicing to all TVE motors

TVE has been a specialist electric motor manufacturer and repairer since 1939. Initially focused on supplying the South African gold mining industry the company has since the 1970’s been a world leader in the design and manufacture of electric motors for underground coal mining equipment and exports to markets as diverse as the USA, Australia and China. TVE also manufactures and repairs motors for traction and special industrial applications. Recently the company expanded into the large mining truck business, manufacturing blower motors and repairing wheel motors and alternators.

TVE is an ISO 9001 certified company with five factories located in Selby, Johannesburg that has the capability to repair induction motors with power ratings up to 1500 kW and voltages up to 3300 V, alternators with kVA ratings up to 2500 kVA and DC motors up to 600 kW and 800 V. Our lifting capacity is 20 metric tons. Being a specialist motor manufacture TVE is on the cutting edge of motor design and innovation. What this means is that not only does TVE repair your motor, but we also offer the option to upgrade it to the latest motor manufacturing standards using state of the art materials and methods.

Motors operating in South Africa are subjected to extreme temperatures, high altitudes and tough working conditions, with motors often being pushed to limits well beyond industry standards. Our experience with the problems encountered in South Africa is invaluable when assessing what has caused a failure and how the motor can be upgraded or improved to reduce the possibility of the failure re-occurring. From our design team and engineers, TVE is constantly looking for ways to improve motor reliability, durability and quality to ensure cost effective life cycle management and reduced total cost of ownership.

Parts & Spares
Supply of Spare Parts for TVE Motors



Deliveries & Collections
Deliveries & Collections for Repairs and Assessment



Consultation & Advice
On all Design, Development, Manufacture and Best Practices

Since 1939 we have built a wealth of knowledge and experience in AC and DC motors. Our team of consultants with over 100 years of combined experience in the industry know exactly what questions need to be addressed when considering an AC or DC motor purchase, as well as identifying the root cause of a motor failure and being able to repair and upgrade your existing motor so that it doesn’t happen again. When it comes to new motor design, motor manufacture, spares, or repairs if you have a question we have an answer for you.

Our Services
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We carry parts and spares to all our mainline motors. Downtime is guaranteed to be a minimal 72 hours.


Motor replacement - should your motor require servicing, we will collect and replace your motor while it is being done


Delivery and commissioning of all our CM motors, regardless where in SA you are.


Consultation to assist you to achieve best of breed for your needs.


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TVE rotating electrical mining motors are designed & manufactured in South Africa - since 1939